How much child support will I get?

Laura Anderson Aug,2013

In Georgia, parties to a divorce are required to complete a sworn financial statement called a Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit. Information in this document is then entered in the Georgia Child Support Worksheet, which populates a child support obligation for both parties. Income of the parties, the number of children, any special needs of the children, social security payments and other factors are used to determine the child support amount. In some cases an upward or downward deviation in the child support amount may be applied based on high or low income. It is important to have an attorney assist you in entering in your financial data correctly in the child suport worksheet to ensure the obligation is computed fairly and accurately.

One example of child support based soley on the parties the parties’ combined adjusted monthly income of $10,000.00 for one child is $1,259.00. This is not necessarily the amount you would pay if your combined monthly income was $10,000.00 with one child. This is an example for illustrative purposes.

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